CodeMaid v0.5.0 released! Now a pure VSIX installer.

CodeMaid v0.5.0 is now available on Visual Studio Gallery and BitBucket.  The biggest news is the new VSIX installer (note: you’ll have to manually uninstall the old MSI installer first) but there’s plenty of other improvements too.  Enjoy the new hotness which pairs nicely with the also-released-today Visual Studio 2012 RC.  🙂

What’s new in v0.5.0:

  • Switched over to the new VSIX extension model that will allow for upgrades right in Visual Studio and get rid of the headache of a separate MSI installer.
    • Note: The existing MSI installer will have to be manually uninstalled first. The new VSIX will not install otherwise.
    • Note: Support for VS2005/VS2008 has been branched off and will no longer be a part of the main line of development.  There is one final release (v0.4.3) for VS2005/VS2008 that simply removes VS2010 from the installer options.  The code will remain intact in its own branch on BitBucket if there is any interest in maintaining support for the older versions.
  • Rewrote configuration independent of Visual Studio’s options in order to stretch out the UI, eliminate using the registry, allow for resetting to defaults and in general have more flexibility going forwards. See screenshot example below.
  • Replaced all remaining windows forms controls and wrapper hosts with pure WPF content.
  • Added support for inserting blank line padding around delegates.
  • Added support for inserting explicit access modifiers on delegates, fields and constants.
  • Added support for removing blank lines after attributes.
  • Tweaked build progress UI.
  • Reorganization logic now leaves members within existing regions by default.
  • Changed the reorganization logic to not hold code on the clipboard to bypass conflicts with VM environment tools.
  • Faster global code cleanups by identifying more file types that can be skipped without having to open the document.
  • Updated command names to be more user-friendly for customizing toolbars.
  • Several other miscellaneous fixes, tweaks and improvements.

Enjoy and keep the great ideas coming over on Trello. :)

 CodeMaid Options

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4 Responses to CodeMaid v0.5.0 released! Now a pure VSIX installer.

  1. Alvaro Torres says:

    Please add support for split lines (opposite to join). If you have a method with 3 or 4 parameters, it would be nice place each parameter on a single line.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve turned this into a Trello backlog card here: for voting and comments.

  3. Kadir Avci says:

    This version can’t remove blank or multiple lines.
    I mean remove part does not work. Please check.

  4. I have been unable to reproduce an issue with removing blank lines. It looks like you already turned this into a BitBucket issue here where we can look into it.

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