CodeMaid v0.7.6 (moar! languages) released!

CodeMaid v0.7.6 is now available on Visual Studio Gallery and GitHub.  It’s a relatively small release, but we’ve got moar! languages and bug fixes. 🙂

New Features

  • Card 208 – Add support for PHP (thanks Ioannis Kappas!)
    • Note:  This integrates with PHP Tools, a commercial tool.
  • Card 218 – Add support for JSON

Bug Fixes

  • #31 – Find in solution explorer failing in Spanish edition
  • #55 – Format lock up occurs on file with only comments
  • #58 – GUID case sensitivity issue with different tools
  • #59 – WiX project type can cause an exception to be thrown
  • #74 – Opening customize font dialog can throw an exception


Behind the scenes, I’ve been off working on a branch on the most popular (by far) feature request Card 108 – Configuration per solution.  It’s a big one and taking time, but it’s coming along and planned to be a part of the next major release v0.8.0.

If you want to get more involved there are several ways to participate.  You can chime in on the product backlog in Trello.  Report issues or fork the code on GitHub.  Posting a review on VSG is always appreciated as well.  Finally you can become a beta tester (contact me) to help test the newest bits as they roll out.

Have fun. 🙂

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