CodeMaid v0.8.0 (solution-specific settings) released!

CodeMaid v0.8.0 is now available on Visual Studio Gallery and GitHub.  This release tackles the most popular feature request off the backlog – solution-specific settings.  It’s also being released at the same time as the official launch of Visual Studio 2015… coincidence? 😉

New Features

Card 108

  • Card 108 – Solution-specific settings
    • There are now user settings and solution-specific settings.
    • Solution-specific settings override user settings only when specified.
    • Solution-specific settings are an “opt-in” feature on a per solution basis.  You create them within the Options dialog by clicking the “Switch to Solution-Specific Settings” button in the top banner.
    • User settings are stored within your user profile
      • e.g. C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Local\CodeMaid\CodeMaid.config
    • Solution-specific settings are stored within your code base
      • e.g. C:\src\codemaid\CodeMaid.config
    • Be sure to add the solution-specific CodeMaid.config to your source control if you want to share settings with other team members.
    • Your old settings should™ be silently, automatically imported as your user settings.
    • “Configuration” dialog is now called “Options” for consistency with Visual Studio
  • #116 – Separate options for blank line padding of single-line properties and multi-line properties. Single-line properties will no longer pad by default, while multi-line properties will continue to pad by default.
  • Card 166 – Update settings persistence to work across VS updates
  • Card 230 – Close about dialog on any key

Bug Fixes

  • #56 – VS2015 was incorrectly adding explicit access modifiers to explicitly implemented members
  • #87 – Re-insertion of removed using statements could cause duplicates
  • #90 – URL in XML doc no longer gets formatted as a list item
  • #94 – Reorganizing new method outside of regions could require two passes
  • #98 – Remove blank lines after attributes is now more selective to avoid false matches in some string literals
  • #106 – Comments adjacent to commented out code can still be formatted


We hope you’re continuing to enjoy CodeMaid, we’re enjoying making it. 🙂

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5 Responses to CodeMaid v0.8.0 (solution-specific settings) released!

  1. Leon says:

    Great stuff once again!! 🙂

  2. Guillaume says:

    Great ! Thanks for the hard work as usual. 🙂

  3. Great to see things changing based on user request. The next natural thing would be project specific settings! For Readability special settings are usefull for test projects.

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