CodeMaid v0.8.1 (quick bug fixes) released!

CodeMaid v0.8.1 is now available on Visual Studio Gallery and GitHub.  This release is just some quick bug fixes from the v0.8.0 major release. 🙂


  • #118 – VS2015 was showing a warning dialog on first population of Spade
  • #123 – Added support for blank line padding before single line comments to C/C++ style languages
  • #124 – Using Spade’s find references with peek windows would show an exception dialog
  • #130 – When inserting an explicit access modifier, and splitting a single line method onto multiple lines in the same cleanup cycle, an extra blank line was being inserted.
  • #131 – VS2015 XAML files were not enabled for cleanup via the Solution Explorer
  • #133 – VS2015 RTM was adding an access modifier to explicitly implemented events

Heads Up

As a heads up, we’ve decided to stop support for Visual Studio 2010 starting with the next major release (v0.9.0).  This will allow us to make use of some newer VS APIs that are only available in VS2012 and higher, specifically to implement Adding a search filter to Spade.  The v0.8.x series will keep VS2010 compatibility and remain available on GitHub, but it will no longer be supported as we move forwards.  Any feedback/thoughts on this decision is welcome on the Trello notification here.


We hope you’re continuing to enjoy CodeMaid, we’re enjoying making it. 🙂

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