CodeMaid v0.9.0 (Spade upgrade edition) released!

CodeMaid v0.9.0 is now available on Visual Studio Gallery and GitHub.  This release again tackles the most popular feature requests off the Trello backlog (you’re voting there, right?) – and in particular is focused around some sweet upgrades to Spade, our code digging tool window. 🙂

Breaking Changes

To support the new Spade search bar, we have discontinued support for Visual Studio 2010.  The last version of CodeMaid that supports VS2010 is v0.8.1 which will remain available on GitHub.



  • Card 254 PowerShell now supported (thanks Adam Driscoll!)PowerShell
  • Card 184 Node.JS now supported (thanks Filipe Oliveira!)

Digging (Spade)

  • Card 64 Multi-select drag and drop (use Ctrl and Shift keys like Explorer)Spade Multi-Select
  • Card 71 Search filtering like solution explorer (thanks Aliaksei Harshkalep!)Spade Search
  • Card 254 Multi-select option to insert new regionsSpade Insert Region


  • #111 VB was reporting a warning about a caught exception when trying to determine if a method is an externally implemented interface
  • #141 Comment formatting was indenting literal sections like <code>
  • #153 Rename refactoring with automatic cleanup and automatic reorganization on save with removal of existing regions would get into an infinite loop and lockup Visual Studio.
  • #173 F# was not supported for comment formatting


We really hope you enjoy these upgrades, and thanks to everyone who is contributing! 🙂

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