CodeMaid v0.9.1 (heads up edition) released!

CodeMaid v0.9.1 is now available on Visual Studio Gallery and GitHub. This release adds support for inserting file headers, cleaning any kind of file, and more. 🙂



  • Card 88 – Enforce/update copyright statement headers
    • This is under the Cleaning->Update options – but currently will only insert the provided text if it is not already present at the top of the file.  The logic to remove existing copyrights was pulled for further consideration because we really don’t want to blanket remove existing comments that could be important.File Headers
  • Card 92 – Support basic cleanup on any file type
    • This is off by default, but you can toggle it on to make any other kind of file we don’t already recognize cleanable in a basic sense (i.e. Remove EOL whitespace, Remove blank lines at top and bottom, Remove multiple consecutive blank lines and either Remove or Insert EOF trailing new line).Clean Everything Else
  • #198 – VisualGDB now supported (thanks adontz!)


  • #199 – Make Spade disappear/reappear when entering/exiting full screen mode (thanks iouri-s!)


  • Card 220 – Added support for XML based list tags (thanks Willem Duncan!)


  • #193 – Added undo transaction to insert region command (thanks Matthias Reitinger!)
  • Card 256 – Remove multithread operations performance option that was root of problems like #212


  • #141 – Indentation of <code> examples in comments could be incorrect (thanks Willem Duncan!)
  • #166 – XML comment tags which contain a single <para> element may wrap strangely (thanks Willem Duncan!)
  • #180 – Windows Form designer does not save changes if save triggered from design window
  • #185 and #192 – When code models cannot be built an exception level warning is shown, but this is expected in some circumstances and should be a diagnostic level warning.
  • #190 – Cyclomatic complexity can be incorrect due to multi-line comments (thanks ChrisH07!)
  • #212 – Spade could hang VS2015 during a save due to the configuration option to multithread operations
  • #213 – Nested regions not fully deleted during reorganization’s removal of regions


Thanks to everyone who is contributing with bug reports, pull requests, feature suggestions and more. 🙂  If you haven’t contributed yet but have some interest, you can find details on easily getting started right here.

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