CodeMaid v10.1 (keep rolling edition) released!

CodeMaid v10.1 is now available on Visual Studio Gallery and GitHub.  This release offers a handful of smaller features and fixes building on the recent v10.0 release.


#241 – Create a demo video
#245 – Reorganizing: Support for VB
#248 – Cleaning: Exclude files where auto-generated header is detected
#266 – Remove solution explorer toolbar buttons
#268 – Reorganizing: Add prompt to override safety checks in presence of preprocessor conditionals


#227 – VS2015 could freeze for 30s with Visual F# Power Tools installed and CodeMaid F# cleanup disabled
#255 – Expected exception messages for Node.JS project item detection should be reduced to diagnostic level
#256 – When VS creates a dummy solution, CodeMaid options were not accessible
#272 – Reorganizing: Remove existing regions affects in-method regions as well
#275 – Digging: In-method regions were being shown within Spade
#276 – ReSharper 2016.1 changed the name of their cleanup command and needed updates within CodeMaid – thanks jamiehumphries!


Thanks to all of those who have participated in CodeMaid Survey 2.0.  If you haven’t taken it yet here’s a link to take the survey.  If you already have taken the survey here’s a link to the results.  Having an idea what’s important to the community is extremely helpful in choosing where to focus next! 🙂


Thanks once more to everyone who is helping to make CodeMaid a way to put cleaner code out there. 🙂

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4 Responses to CodeMaid v10.1 (keep rolling edition) released!

  1. Daniel Santos says:

    CodeMaid buttons on Solution Explorer (collapse all) are not showing anymore. 🙁

    Any tip?

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