CodeMaid Survey 2.0 Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in CodeMaid Survey 2.0. ┬á­čÖé ┬áThe results are publicly available: ┬áIf you still want to take the survey it’s not too late:┬á


  • Most users have moved over to VS2015. ┬áTo support Roslyn we will have to make that the minimum required version in a future major release.
  • C# is used by almost everybody (96%!)
  • Cleaning and Comment Formatting are the primary features used, with┬áReorganizing and Digging trailing and all other smaller features being less popular.
  • CodeMaid Options were generally considered fine the way they were. ┬áAs usual they’re more headache for the developers than the users. ­čśë
  • There was not a lot of interest in moving CodeMaid to new environments (e.g. Visual Studio Code or command line). ┬áThe primary interest was adding more advanced features based on a migration to the Roslyn compiler.
  • There were some feature requests that already exist! ┬áNext time we’ll include an optional contact field.


The best part was that people were very kind and supportive in the comments, which makes working on CodeMaid so rewarding. ┬áI am humbled and grateful for the kind┬ásentiments. ­čÖé

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