CodeMaid v10.5 (feature switches and internationalization edition) released!

CodeMaid v10.5 is now available on the Visual Studio Marketplace and GitHub. This release focuses on two primary areas: feature switches (so you can turn on/off the features you want) and internationalization (Chinese translations added) courtesy of community contributions. 🙂


#477 – Digging: New radial progress bar – thanks Jammer77!
#506 – Enable localization for Chinese – thanks maikebing!
#519 – Simplify the code by removing unnecessary guids – thanks heku!
#525 – Make all features switchable – thanks heku!
#545 – Ignore comment lines starting with certain prefixes – thanks willemduncan!


#479 – Update XAML Styler integration mappings – thanks grochocki!
#496 – Fix the .NET Framework minimum required version (which is v4.6)
#541 – Project file (.csproj) cleanup – thanks heku!
#546 – Fix a setting that would leave a trailing white space when formatting comments – thanks willemduncan!
#556 – Partial fix reducing how long we will block waiting for a code model to be built.

Features switches

Thanks to heku you can now turn on/off individual features within CodeMaid.  These can be configured at CodeMaid->Options->General->Features.  When you turn a feature off, its menu items and event handlers will be completely unregistered from Visual Studio.  Most features are idle unless invoked anyways, but if you want to hide some menu items you’re not likely to use – we hope you enjoy this new capability!


Thanks to maikebing and others you can now use CodeMaid with Chinese translations. Are you interested in helping to translate CodeMaid to your native language? We would love your help and you can get more information here: #559 🙂


A great thanks to those in the community who are pitching in to help make CodeMaid better for everyone. 🙂 You can join our community too on GitHub by reporting/investigating issues and submitting pull requests. There’s great getting started info right here on the Contribute page. Keep on making your code better, one file/line at a time! 🙂

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