CodeMaid v10.6 (VS2019 preview edition) released!

CodeMaid v10.6 is now available on the Visual Studio Marketplace and GitHub. This release fulfills a few feature requests and most notably turns on support for VS2019 Preview 1 which came out this week. 🙂


#582 – Digging: New option to show item types (e.g. method return or property type) – thanks GammaWolf!
#593 – Switching: Add .cshtml -> .cshtml.cs to defaults – thanks derekmckinnon!
#594 – Cleaning: New option to add blank lines before/after single-line fields – thanks jasonjtyler!
#604 – Turn on VS2019 support – thanks digovc!

VS2019 warning banner

You’ll be able to run CodeMaid in VS2019 Preview 1, but you should expect to see this warning banner:

This banner is appearing because we are still using some synchronous startup APIs for backwards compatibility with VS2012 and VS2013.  We plan to switch to the new APIs with CodeMaid v11.

End of life for VS2012 + VS2013

Consequently, the v10.x series of CodeMaid will be the end of life for VS2012 + VS2013 support so that we can utilize those newer APIs.  This will be third time we’ve had to say farewell to older versions of Visual Studio, so it goes! 🙂


Once again a great thanks to those in the community who are pitching in to help make CodeMaid better for everyone. 🙂 You can join our community too on GitHub by reporting/investigating issues and submitting pull requests. There’s great getting started info right here on the Contribute page. Keep on making your code better, one file/line at a time! 🙂

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