CodeMaid v11.1 (a few fixes edition) released!

CodeMaid v11.1 is now available on the Visual Studio Marketplace and GitHub. Nothing big this time, but everybody likes a fix or two. 🙂


#620 – Formatting: Allow for individual tag formatting rules – thanks willemduncan!
#665 – Use image monikors so icons show up again when tool windows are small – thanks Diermeier!


#647 – Formatting: Fix magically added slashes – thanks willemduncan!
#670 – Options: Fix importing read-only config – thanks Smartis2812!

Reminder: Breaking changes in v11.0

To work well with the asynchronous package loading pattern introduced in VS2017 and now strongly preferred by VS2019, we’ve redone our dependencies and several parts of the integration logic. This has a few consequences:

  • The v10.x series of CodeMaid will be the end of life for VS2012, VS2013 + VS2015 support. This will be third time we’ve said farewell to older versions of Visual Studio but you can still download matching versions of CodeMaid from GitHub’s release history.
  • We now require .NET Framework v4.7.2 to be installed.
  • Because CodeMaid is loaded asynchronously, you may find commands are not immediately available at startup but turn on after a moment as VS loads them in. This is by VS design to get everyone to the core text editor experience as fast as possible.


Once again a great thanks to those in the community who are pitching in to help make CodeMaid better for everyone. 🙂 You can join our community too on GitHub by reporting/investigating issues and submitting pull requests. There’s great getting started info right here on the Contribute page. Keep on making your code better, one file/line at a time! 🙂

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2 Responses to CodeMaid v11.1 (a few fixes edition) released!

  1. Krishna says:

    Hi Steve,
    I just had a look into your video and the tool looks amazing. I thought of giving it a try, but unfortunately I can’t install the tool on VS 2017 (enterprise). I tried a couple of ways (installing through downloading vsix file and installing through VS2017) but none of them working. Is there anything you can help me with this.

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